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How can I ensure the jobs I send to Indeed are visible to job seekers?

Jobs that do not meet our standards may be subject to review and require additional information from the hiring company. To ensure jobs sent through your Indeed integration are visible to job seekers, review our job posting standards here.

Can you make an employer confidential in a job posting?

Yes, but only through our Sponsored Job feature. Clients can send a job with Confidential in the company node of the XML feed, it will be subject to the same rules noted in the policy. For more information, check out our policy on generic or confidential company names.

What are some practices for targeting Spanish-speaking job seekers?

  • Use keywords that boost the relevance of the topic
  • Use Indeed's Hiring Insights tool
  • Contact CS @Indeed for more insights or
  • Sponsor the job to get more posting traffic

How do we find our jobs on Indeed?

Go to and type refnum: ____ into the what field. If the job is live on Indeed, it will appear.

How do I tell my clients to claim my company on Indeed? Why is it important?

In order to claim your Company Page, you must have an employer account. Note that if you are already assigned to an Indeed account, but have not created your own employer account, you must contact Indeed to temporarily remove you from the Indeed employer account you have been assigned to. For more information on claiming a company page, click here.

Why is salary transparency important? How do I format salary on Indeed?

Here is Indeed's recent article on Pay Transparency and why it's important. Go to Indeed Pay Transparency and Salary Estimates and Indeed's XML Guidelines for specific instructions relating to requirements on formatting salary. The 2022 Partner Friday coffee chat video on the topic discusses what partners can do to support clients through this update.

Can a job posting list multiple locations?

Read this article on Indeed's policy around locations for a given job. It will help you to understand Indeed's definition of location blasting.

What is Indeed's policy on reposting jobs?

To understand Indeed's policies on evergreen jobs and reposting jobs, click here.


I am interested in partnering with Indeed, where can I learn more?

Indeed builds technical partnerships to deliver seamless and secure hiring solutions across platforms. Learn more and complete the form on this page to tell us about your partnership goals.

My request for partnership was deferred, when can I expect to hear back from Indeed?

We are actively working to expand our team's capacity, companies whose request for integration have been deffered can expect quarterly updates on Indeed's progress towards scaling our integration build capabilities.

How do I become a tiered partner?

To become a tiered partner for our launch in April, 2023 we are requiring partners to submit proof of eligibility via the Google Form attached in the program announcement email. Indeed’s tiered partners will be updated annually, based on the most up-to-date status of their Indeed integrations, as tracked by our internal systems.

After initial launch, adoption criteria must be met for 2 consecutive quarters and maintained at that rate throughout the fiscal / program year.

When do I need to submit proof of qualification by, to ensure publication in the inaugural class of tiered partners in April?

To ensure you are included in initial publication, we recommend submitting proof of qualification by March 15, 2023. We will continue to add partners who qualify between March 15 and March 31st, but we can not guarantee inclusion in the initial launch. As a part of the initial program launch, we are allowing partners who qualify between April and September 2023 to be published to our employer-facing site in October. Criteria must be met by September 1st to ensure publication in October.

When will I be notified if I qualify as a tiered partner?

We will notify qualifying partners via email in April, before publication of the inaugural class of tiered partners on Partners qualifying mid-year will be notified in September, before publication in October.

How can I obtain dedicated support through the Tiering Program?

All of our integrated partners receive technical support for their integrations with Indeed. We provide onboarding and integration launch support to Silver Tier partners, monthly partner management support to our Gold Tier partners, and a dedicated partner manager to our Platinum partners.To receive a dedicated partner manager in FY23, partners need to meet the criteria outlined in our Platinum Tier.

Dedicated partner management is not required to deliver a highly impactful integration to our shared customers.

Does the same tiering criteria apply to all partners, including those outside the US market?

Currently, we are only allowing ATS platforms to be a part of this program. All ATS partners, exclusive of Japanese companies, are able to qualify for our tiering program, if they meet the designated criteria, regardless of their country of operation. Indeed has a Japanese-specific tiering program for those regional partners.

How will I be able to receive support for my integration if I do not have a dedicated partner manager?

Indeed provides integration support to all of our partners through our Integrations Delivery team. While tiered partners receive priority technical support, all partners can receive support by emailing

What will happen if my company qualifies for tiering mid-year, or is set to deliver an integration shortly after the qualifying deadline?

Mid-year qualification will be considered for those partners who qualify after the initial program launch, with potential for limited tier benefits depending on Indeed capacity. Once a partner qualifies for tiered benefits, Indeed will welcome the qualified partner to a tiered status. Indeed will communicate the level of benefits available, based on capacity and duration of program year.

Can I lose my tiered status once it is obtained?

Partners will receive a warning after one quarter not meeting the adoption rate. If improvement is not seen, partners will risk losing their tier benefit after the second consecutive quarter of non-qualification.

Active integrations must continue to be serviceable throughout the program year. partners must update integrations according to Indeed’s product release or update schedule. Partners failing to maintain their integration at any time risk losing their tier benefits.

Standards and policies

How can I determine if my company meets Indeed's standard for technical partnership?

To determine if you are an eligible ATS to integrate with Indeed, please review our ATS guidelines.

How does Indeed manage data?

For our terms of service, privacy and data management policies, go here.

Where can I access all of Indeed's company and partnership policies?

To access all Indeed policies, click here.

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