Disposition Data

This Documentation forms an integral part of the Indeed Partner Developer Agreement agreed between you and Indeed. By accessing the Indeed API, building the integration or Application or otherwise using the Indeed API, you agree that: (i) you are granted the license to build the Integration in accordance with the Indeed Partner Developer Agreement and (ii) you accept the Documentation terms and guidelines and (ii) you agree to follow the guidelines contained herein and (iv) you agree not to use the Indeed API for any other purpose or in any other manner than described herein. The Integration is subject to Indeed Verification as described in the Indeed Partner Developer Agreement.


You agree to inform your clients that they will be opted-in to share Disposition Data with Indeed, via a prior notice to all such clients (through an email, your Platform or website pop up or similar means), specifying the date of deployment of and/or date of availability of the Indeed Integration or API bundle that allows for the Indeed Integration. In such notice, you must include information that the use of Indeed Integration is at all times governed by Indeed’s terms of service (https://www.indeed.com/legal), Indeed’s cookie policy (https://hrtechprivacy.com/brands/indeed#Cookies) and privacy policy (https://hrtechprivacy.com/brands/indeed#privacypolicy), and link to those should be provided to your clients (“Indeed Integration Information''). You must specifically share that Disposition Data will be transferred to Indeed as data controller in accordance with Indeed’s privacy policy (https://hrtechprivacy.com/brands/indeed#privacypolicy).

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